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IFSC’s roots in the FM sector started in robotics and software audit systems for one of Singapore’s leading transportation providers. With the support of Singapore government agencies such as JTC, NEA and ESG, IFSC was awarded grant calls to build the next generation “minimal human intervention” robotics and later a “2-in-1 Cleaning + Security robot”. 

Since its inception, we have focused on building autonomous cleaning robots and have successfully launched the ECOBOT series. This series was designed with ground experience and reviews from cleaners and developed by leading engineers from Cambridge University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore and many other leading global institutions. The design was conceptualised with the Asian market in mind, to cater to the smaller build and demographics of a typical cleaning workforce in Asia.

Gaussian Robotics currently has research and development centres across Singapore, China and Germany. Globally, the ECOBOT series has a strong presence in Asia and the UK. To date, Gaussian Robotics have successfully deployed over 2000 robots across more than 20 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, United States, Korea, Qatar and more. In Singapore alone, over 160 robots have been deployed around the country.

The Gaussian Robotics team in Singapore are deployment specialists, having consulted, mapped, and trained distributors globally. They are involved in global projects such as Singapore Changi Airport, Beijing Daxing Airport and Hong Kong MTR Corporation,

Chapter Four:

How Robotics Changed the Facility Management Industry

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