IFSC Pte. Ltd. was established in 2016 to provide cutting-edge and transformative urban solutions for the environment and facilities services industry through digital and technological transformation.


IFSC’s roots in the FM sector started in robotics and software audit systems for one of Singapore’s leading transportation providers. With the support of Singapore government agencies such as JTC, NEA and ESG, IFSC was awarded grant calls to build the next generation “minimal human intervention” robotics and later a “2-in-1 Cleaning + Security robot”.


The creation of a cleaning-security robot was a major leap in the R&D of the environmental services industry because not only can the robots work autonomously both in and out of working hours without human intervention, it is also able to take over certain security paths to allow the building to have tighter security supervision without needing to hire more security personnel. Furthermore, the usage of the robot was maximised with it having a task to do the moment it is fully charged as compared to conventional robots which are left in a storage room till it is needed.


To create a full ecosystem of truly automated smart buildings, IFSC launched Simpple, an FM software designed to fill the knowledge gap between workforce management, robotics and IoT sensors. This proved to be revolutionary as it brought about large amount of cost savings and resources saving once it was introduced.


The integration of Simpple and Ecobot allowed the facility owners to have a better oversight into the trends and productivity of their facility, helping them to make better business decisions.


In 2021, IFSC is again breaking frontiers by introducing Vertiklean, a façade cleaning and inspection robot. It is also currently pending grant approval under the Beamp programme together with BCA, CDL, Hong Kong Land and JTC.


Façade cleaning has always been a costly and dangerous job that also uses a large amount of water in the process making it an inefficient, cost-ineffective and wasteful task despite it being essential. With Vertiklean, we are able to not only reduce risks but also water consumption, allowing for a safer and more environmentally friendly solution.


Finally, as we continue to grow, we are looking at ways to improve without causing too much disturbance to the physical features in a facility’s daily operations. While physical upgrading will be a crucial step in digitalising, we at IFSC understand that not all facility owners are able to afford the change. Hence, Simpple.AI brings our current commercial offering, Simpple to the next level by tapping onto pre-existing equipment in the facility as much as possible. By combining the management of human workforce, robotics and observation of the facility through IoT and vision-based sensors, Simpple.AI leverages deep learning methodologies to analyse a building, build trends and allocate the right resource to the right place at the right time. At the same time, the building is also dynamically monitored for environment audit scores against quality indicators instead of relying on subjective assessment by site managers, increasing not only productivity but more importantly, quality.


IFSC is determined in its goal to change how urban landscapes are managed, and together with facility owners and supervisors, we will constantly innovate and improve.

Chapter Three:

How we are Changing the Landscape