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IFSC Pte. Ltd. was established in 2016 to transform the environment and facilities services industry with cutting-edge urban solutions through digital and technological transformation.

We have three main product focus and research areas for facilities management (FM) – (1) software solutions, (2) horizontal automated cleaning and (3) vertical automated cleaning. The combination of constant development and innovative progress ensures that we stay at the forefront of the industry and will never be rendered obsolete.

Our roots in the FM sector started in robotics and software audit systems for one of Singapore’s leading transportation providers. With the support of Singapore government agencies such as JTC Corporation, National Environment Agency and Enterprise Singapore, IFSC was awarded grant calls to build the next generation “minimal human intervention” robotics and later a “2-in-1 Cleaning + Security robot”.

To create a full ecosystem of truly automated smart buildings, we launched Simpple, an FM software designed to fill the Operational and Communication gap between workforce management, robotics and IoT sensors.

In 2021, we are once again breaking frontiers by introducing Vertiklean, a façade cleaning and inspection robot. It is also currently pending grant approval under the Beamp programme together with BCA, CDL, Hong Kong Land and JTC.



Chapter One:

What do we do and who is under us?

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Simpple is a FM system that streamlines daily operations by eliminating opportunities for miscommunication or misallocation of work, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and accountability. It integrates sensors (IoT, CCTC and robots), software (deep learning methodologies) and robotics to accurately observe, analyse and deploy the workforce to the problem area all within one single dashboard. It is available on both desktop and mobile and can be accessed through browsers or via the app.

It consists of five modules to cater to different facilities with their own needs. The ability to customise helps facility owners to make the best business decisions for their companies and streamline daily operations, raising efficiency and productivity.

In Singapore alone, our suite of technologies is deployed in over 400 buildings equipped with 3000 sensors, empowering more than 2000 human and robotic assets. In the short span of 2 years, we gathered more than 10 million data points and we are looking to grow exponentially between 3 to 5 times across continents by 2023.

Problems commonly faced in FM includes a shortage of manpower, low productivity and the lack of consistency and consolidation. Managers find themselves needing to access different platforms in order to check the status of or send out a task, or having to manually call or text their workers in order to delegate work, resulting in an inefficient and messy process that makes it difficult to track accountability. Furthermore, auditing may be subjective and conditions of facilities may not be true.

We recognise the need to shift towards an Integrated FM system, with the consolidation of data for productivity savings and sets out to solve the problems of labour shortage by improving the productivity of the current workforce and eliminate the messy communication system utilised right now. Moreover, Simpple seeks to bridge the data gap to help managers make the best business decisions.

While there are other FM systems currently available on the market, they are non-integrative and tend to require the installation of costly infrastructures such as feedback tablets. This results in a system that is limited in its capabilities to solve problems commonly faced by facility owners. In addition, Simpple’s single dashboard display makes it easy to have a quick overview of facility health.

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Since inception, Gaussian Robotics have focused on building autonomous cleaning robots and have successfully launched the ECOBOT series. This series was designed with ground experience and reviews from cleaners and developed by leading engineers from Cambridge University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore and many other leading global institutions. The design was conceptualised with the Asian market in mind, to cater to the smaller build and demographics of a typical cleaning workforce in Asia.

Gaussian Robotics currently has research and development centres across China, Germany and Singapore. Globally, the ECOBOT series has a strong presence in Asia and the UK. To date, Gaussian Robotics have successfully deployed over 2000 robots across more than 20 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, United States, Korea, Qatar and more. In Singapore alone, over 160 robots have been deployed around the country, including notable facilities such as Jewel Changi Airport and Marina Bay Sands Shoppes.

The Gaussian Robotics team in Singapore are deployment specialists, having consulted, mapped and trained distributors globally. They are involved in global projects such as Beijing Daxing Airport, Hong Kong MTR Corporation and Singapore Changi Airport.

The ECOBOT goes beyond the current understanding of a cleaning robot. It is silent, does not need a human to follow it, and can complete actions such as changing of water, adding of chemical and discarding of litter all by itself without human intervention. They serve as part of your workforce, and not as a tool to supplement your workforce. The ECOBOT can function autonomously to charge and clean on schedule with minimal human intervention and oversight. This allows the productivity of the workforce to increase greatly as the robot can work independently anytime throughout the day.

We take Smart Cleaning concept further and expand it beyond merely robotic implementation but to also involve existing site workforce as a holistic approach towards environmental services.

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Once again challenging the boundaries of existing technology, we are testing and revamping Vertiklean, an innovative façade cleaning robot that will be able to effectively clean building exteriors with reduced water consumption and safety risks.

With urban spaces becoming increasingly vertical, manual cleaning of buildings have become not only dangerous but also cost inefficient and impractical. Therefore, as cities are becoming increasingly urbanised and smarter, we need to keep up with the solutions to ensure the cleanliness and beauty of our urban facilities.