Transforming the industry


Our Vision

To be a leading provider of integrated next generation solutions that keep facilities clean, functional and secure.

We are dedicated to transforming the way urban facilities are managed through the integrated use of human resources, process, technology, and change management.

Our Brands

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Transforming urban facilities with advanced technology

Our diverse range of ECOBOT Autonomous Robots (Scrub 75 and Scrub 50) have proven to help our clients achieve optimal performance and cost savings. 

Simpple, our Facilities Management Software and Training Application are applicable in various sectors (cleaning, security, maintenance, building and F&B).

Simplifying the way 

we live & work

Smart toilet is 

the future

Smart technologies like People Counter Sensors and Feedback panel allow for cleaning on demand. Cleaners can also be alerted through Smart Watches to rectify problems. 




Our company provides end-to-end service support, consultation, project management and solution design for various technology implementations and workflow process.

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